How Bad 2017 Was And How Good I Hope 2018 Would Be

Hey there! Lol, I'm so bad at writing introductions which is why I usually stick to reviews and jump straight into them. Anyway, the year's going to end and 'writing good intros to posts' is definitely on my list of 2018 goals. If the title isn't speaking for itself, I'll describe this year in one word: Bad.  Now, … Continue reading How Bad 2017 Was And How Good I Hope 2018 Would Be


Mini Reviews #4

I didn't think this would become so frequent but I guess it's all about the year ending, my holiday week and me reading almost four books everyday. Read my review of One And Done by Melynda Price; The Culling by Ramona Finn; The Billionaire's Sexy Rival by Leslie North.

Dark Matter By Blake Crouch

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is the perfect scientifically frustrating plot with bunches of dialogues, and all in a good way. I'll recommend this to those looking for a sci-fi thriller that makes sense while you keep thinking it isn't making any, and all the while sit by the edge of your seat.