How Bad 2017 Was And How Good I Hope 2018 Would Be

Hey there! Lol, I’m so bad at writing introductions which is why I usually stick to reviews and jump straight into them. Anyway, the year’s going to end and ‘writing good intros to posts’ is definitely on my list of 2018 goals. If the title isn’t speaking for itself, I’ll describe this year in one word: Bad. 


Now, of course, some good things did happen, [for one: I started blogging!] but many unexpectedly not-so-good things happened which made the first eight months of 2017 hell for me. Again, definitions of ‘hell’ can differ and this is completely my way to describe my experience. As much as I love my blog, I don’t think I’m ready to lay out my personal life on it, so while avoiding too many probable rants, I’ll get into this.

In a number of way, 2017 has been the most difficult year I’ve ever lived to see. Everything from financial crisis to family problems, from my education slowing down at a speed-breaker to people turning into these annoyingly arrogant stupids who I shouldn’t care about, this year was a fucking tornado and am surprised (yet happy) I didn’t swirl away in it.

However, October made it all a tad bit better. Things didn’t turn as drastically as they had in the first month but I can feel the clarity everything has given me; I’m aware of my priorities, of my dreams, and of the path I’ve to walk on for them to be real. So, stuff happened and I decided to start a 6-month internship at a hospital [for obvious reasons: I love learning and duh, need to top up my scholarship] in India. I had taken vacation trips to India, especially because it’s my home country, but hadn’t lived there for such a long period ever so this was bound to be difficult, what was I thinking?!

Homesickness hit me hard in the starting week, it still gets to me, and I decided to start a blog. Completely random decision I’d made; I had no idea what I was going to write about, what niche I would take up or if I’ll even keep up with it in between the internship. But I loved this and as much as I want to expand this blog’s categories, I’m quite happy and content with reading books and writing about them…or writing about writing one…and sometimes designing something…yeah. I really should stick to one thing, shouldn’t I?

On this last day of the year, I would take a second to thank each and everyone who has supported me, liked or commented or merely read anything on this blog, and who made me love blogging. It really means a lot to me and I appreciate it with all my heart. I hope 2018 would be a fresh start for me and if not all, at least some of my (and all of yours) dreams would come true.

I’d signed up for my Goodreads challenge of 50 books when I made an account on there, in October, and am super happy to have completed it today. I wouldn’t have done it without this week’s holiday that my intern-professors gave, a 24-hour reading spree and of course, living miles away from home gives you too much time for books. Sorry if this winning speech brought tears to your eyes! I’m signing up for 2018’s reading challenge too and have set a goal of 100 books. If you don’t already know, I’m also a part of another reading challenge—Beat The Backlist 2018— because I really need to read releases of 2017 and previous years. Let’s do this.

As for writing, I hope to finish a short story [or it might turn into a novella] that I’ll be talking about in a post soon. Spoiler: it has a brown-skinned main character. Also, I’m looking forward to finishing the first draft of Finding those Bobby Pins, even if it takes all the twelve months. At least I’ll have something to work on in 2019 if the first draft is done and it would bring me closer to my dream of getting this story out to the world.

Another little, yet aspirational, goal in terms of writing is to reach 1K followers on my Writeblr [it’s basically shortened for Writing-centered-Tumblr]. I’m at 300 followers right now and would love to reach this goal next year. Of course, posting more and more writing tips, rants, and snippets on there is a sub-division of this goal.

Digital Art is something I started this year itself so there aren’t any soaring goals I’ll be setting up for it since I know I’ve a long way to go. However, being more consistent and giving more time to better my artistic skills is certainly on the list. I primarily interact with and about my art on DeviantArt, and while I love the response I’m getting from there, I wish to be more interactive on there, appreciate others’ artworks, and learn from them.

When it comes to my blog, I don’t know if I’ll be setting up any goals for it. I started it without thinking about where it would head, and though I would love to achieve quite a few things on here, I don’t want to specifically set them for the year. I’ll be cherishing every little milestone I reach and appreciate everything that the future holds for this blog. 

Last but not the least, I want to be happy this year. Sure, I might cry almost every week but at the end, I want to stand up by myself, be stronger, spread more positivity and take the world by storm—of course, not like the deadly ones; the good ones!

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11 thoughts on “How Bad 2017 Was And How Good I Hope 2018 Would Be

  1. 2017 was a rough year for a LOT of people! And I’ve also noticed October was a turnaround month for a lot of people 🤔🤔. I myself was living in a car for months this year and in October moved into my own apartment with my name on it. And things got more stable. 2017 was a learning year tho. Now that we’ve gone through what we’ve gone through, we’re stronger and 2018 will be ROCKED OUT! I love your blog and you’re a lovely writer! Can’t wait to see all that’s to come for you in 2018!

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  2. well, i am glad it didn’t end badly. mine did, my boyfriend dumped me 2 hours before 2018 my time. But I’m trying to distract myself and think of good things instead so I won’t be a crying messing. happy new year though. since I just followed you, looking forward to reading your content.

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  3. I am sorry to hear 2017 was crappy for you. It was rough for a lot of people!! Thank goodness its 2018 and sounds like you are starting it off right! I know you can achieve your goals 😁💕💕💕!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Moving away from home can be very difficult, especially if you are moving far and are being thrown into the heaviness of an internship as well. I am glad the blog and reading could be an outlet to help carry you through. I hope 2018 will bring a lot of good things your way, and that you can continue growing your creativity in writing, digital art and more reading!


  5. 2017 was a tough year for me too.. especially the starting month. But I glad we passed it through 🙂 I hope 2018 is better and fantastic for you 🙂 Blogging has been such a lovely experience and I am glad to meet so many beautiful people here like you 🙂

    You belong to India? I probably didn’t know that 😀 It always feels good to find a fellow 🙂 You told me that you are here again for an internship, I hope that you enjoyed your stay over here.

    Next time when you come to India, maybe you can visit Bangalore? 😛

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    1. I’m gonna be there before going back home, in a month or two hopefully! 😀 I’d been there a few years back and it’s a beautiful city. And yes, always amazing to come across a fellow Indian ❤ I've enjoyed, no doubt, and it's always good to feel so close to a culture I belong to. Thank you for the lovely comment and you said it right–meeting amazing people like you is the biggest perk of blogging 😀

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