Covers hold great importance to me as a reader. Though I love to be surprised when I’m mistaken after judging a book by it’s cover, it’s always great to read a story with a beautiful cover. Cover reveals are yet another promotional strategy to highlight expected releases and excite the readers for more. As a designer, covers hold all the more importance to me so hosting cover reveals was a decision bound to be taken.

FANNA is open to revealing covers that would attract the target audience and help get the book buzzing in the virtual world. 

Cover reveals can be accompanied by exclusive excerpts or giveaways. High resolution images (.png or .jpeg) are the only way to go and anything of a poor quality will be refused. All other content can be saved for a later mail but the cover must be linked with the request mail. Not all requests may be accepted though all requests will be responded to.

Let me say this clearly: if accepted, the cover will indisputably not be disclosed until the author themselves reveal the cover officially or until the finalized date; if rejected, the cover will be deleted instantly and in no way will it be used in a manner that would violate terms of copyright or be considered indecent.

I would prefer all the dates and details to be discussed and confirmed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Feel like FANNA can be a great bulletin to showcase your book’s cover? Contact me with the title, genre, author and the cover itself.