Finding Those Bobby Pins my current work-in-progress. The idea for this novel hit me in October 2016 and that’s actually when I started writing. YES! I’m not one of those writers who has always dreamed of being one. It’s only this story that has enforced a passion of writing into me. Over the year, I’ve learnt new things that has helped me craft a short story, Nothing’s Fair, and propelled me to keep crafting short stories until my main project, FTBP, hits the floor. This blog is simply a platform to showcase and keep myself updated of the progress I have made, I am making and I will be making.

Moving on, here’s a cover and a blurb that belong to my first draft and are bound to change at some point:

FTBP Redesigned Cover.png

Jenna would go to extremes.

Her anger would too.

Relying on her twin, James, to be the calm one of the two and trying her best not to rely on her mother, leaves Jenna confused, tired, frustrated but worst of it, angry.

Everything remains normally abnormal as it is, until one day she sees a bike.

And ends up giving her heart to it.

Love demands going to extremes.

And Jenna is ready to—find her lost bobby pins.

Finding Those Bobby Pins is a YA coming of age novel that follows a teenage girl on her path to getting what she wants: Adrian Waters’ bike. It highlights exaggeration as a key to humor and subtleness as the key to emotions.


You can read a few excerpts from the first draft under these headings:

Excerpt 1 | Excerpt 2 | Excerpt 3